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The information about the upcoming implementation of Collator Staking DIPs will be updated in this article once those changes are implemented.

Collator staking involves participants locking up their RING tokens to support the network’s operations and security through a nomination mechanism. In this system, users can participate either as nominators or collators to help the chain's liveness, earning rewards in return. To get started with the DApp, visit Collator Staking App.


If you want to learn how to interact with these Collator Staking module, pleast vist the Staking Precompile Page, be aware that this contract may be deprecated in future versions.


The parameters to be aware of when understanding the darwinia staking module are as follows:

  • MinStakingDuration - Minimum time to stake at least.
  • MaxDeposits - Maximum deposit count.
  • MaxUnstakings - Maximum unstaking/unbonding count.
Darwinia Crab Pangolin Testnet
MinStakingDuration 14 days 14 days 2 mins
MaxDeposits 100 512 512
MaxUnstakings 16 16 16