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StateStorage Precompile


Understanding the storage layout in the Substrate framework is crucial for effectively utilizing this precompile.

As you may be aware, the underlying technology of Darwinia is built on the Substrate framework. Within this framework, certain features are implemented as runtime pallets. Unlike Ethereum, where the chain state data is typically stored in the EVM account storage, in Substrate, these pallets store the chain state data within their own pallet storage.

For the frequently used storage interaction pallets, we provide dedicated precompiles to facilitate seamless interaction with these pallets, such as staking, deposit pallets. These precompiles enable users to access and manipulate the data stored within the pallet storage efficiently, without the need for complex custom integrations. However, there are cases where the pallet storage needs to be accessed on the EVM side, although this is not a common scenario. To address these cases, we have designed the state_storage precompile. This precompile allows users to access and retrieve data from the allowed pallet storage using the substrate storage key.

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