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Transfer Native Token

The first crucial step for a newcomer in the Web3 world is understanding how to operate a cryptocurrency wallet. This is a fundamental skill for interacting with blockchain-based systems, and we have designed a beginner-friendly tutorial to help you navigate this new terrain.

Transfer Using MetaMask


This tutorial based on the Koi testnet, it operations are also apply to other chains.

  • Install the Wallet extension in your browser.
  • Import your existing accounts or create new ones. Test Account 1 and Test Account 2 are two test accounts in this tutorial.

    evm-tutorial-token-transfer-1 evm-tutorial-token-transfer-2

  • By default, the MetaMask extension is connected to the Ethereum Mainnet. So, you need to switch from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Darwinia Koi networks. For example, take the Koi network as an example, the network information page provides a convenient link to connect directly.


    Click the Connect button.


Check the network displayed and click the Approve button. Then , you can see that the network has switched from the Ethereum Mainnet to the Koi Testnet.

evm-tutorial-token-transfer-5 evm-tutorial-token-transfer-6

Test Account 1 has 20 KRING and Test Account 2 balance is 0. Let's transfer 10 KRING to the Test Acccount 2 next.

  • Transfer evm-tutorial-token-transfer-7

    Click Send button.


    Select the target account and fill in the value amount, click Next.


    Confirm the source account and target account, then click Comfirm button.

    evm-tutorial-token-transfer-10 evm-tutorial-token-transfer-11/