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Welcome to Darwinia, a community-run blockchain network designed to enhance the cross-chain capabilities of decentralized applications. Darwinia leverages cutting-edge technology to facilitate seamless and secure inter-blockchain transactions. This document introduces you to the vibrant organizations and innovative projects that underpin our ecosystem.


The roadmap for the ecosystem is outlined at Darwinia Roadmap. It provides a clear vision for the future of the Darwinia ecosystem and should be consulted by developers looking to join and contribute to this exciting project.

Community Organizations

Darwinia is supported by dedicated organizations, each playing a critical role in governance, development, and the enhancement of our network:

Organization Purpose
RingDAO Focused on governance decisions, RingDAO allows RING token holders to participate directly in the decision-making processes, ensuring that Darwinia remains a truly decentralized network.
DCDAO DCDAO is a community self-organized workgroup (WG) that aims to contribute to the growth and development of the Darwinia community.
KtonDAO KtonDAO is a community initiative primarily initiated and conceived by KTON holders. Although it is not yet fully formed, there have been some forum discussions. KTON is designed to specialize in long-term staking incentives and reward strategies, encouraging long-term commitment from network supporters.
Itering Itering is a blockchain technology development company that provides runtime and smart contract engineering implementations for Darwinia. It is also the founding company of Darwinia.
Crab SubDAO Crab SubDAO is a DAO currently in design and will exist as a SubDAO of RingDAO. CRAB is its governance token, which is expected to be used for governing the Crab Chain, the experimental canary chain of Darwinia Chain. The design and concept of the SubDAO are inspired by Maker SubDAO.

Community Collaboration

We wholeheartedly believe in the power of collaboration and warmly invite additional decentralized applications to join our rapidly expanding Darwinia ecosystem. To facilitate this, we have launched the Community Developer Incentive Program. This program consists of:

Project Purpose
The Immunefi Bounty Program It offers rewards for finding potential flaws in our products.
RFP (Request For Proposals) Provides a selection of potential projects or tasks for members of the ecosystem.
Grant Program To fund the development of projects and applications that contribute to the Darwinia ecosystem and promote overall network growth, we encourage passionate teams to build innovative cross-chain projects on Darwinia Chain.
Treasury Proposal Your proposal should address a problem, outline a goal, give a detailed account of how you will reach that goal, and include any ongoing maintenance needs. As much as possible, you should itemize the tasks to be completed so fees can be evaluated and milestones can be followed.

By participating in these programs, community developers can play a vital role in shaping the evolution and growth of the Darwinia ecosystem. We look forward to collaborating with talented developers like you to drive innovation and build a thriving community of decentralized applications.