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The Darwinia network has dedicated over five years of effort towards developing cross-chain messaging solutions. The bridges connecting Ethereum to Substrate and Substrate to Substrate have been operational without interruption and have been widely adopted by numerous groups.

What does the Darwinia network do?

Darwinia's primary objective is to create a multi-chain environment, which involves the following initiatives:
  • Darwinia Chains:
    • The Darwinia Chain is a smart contract platform that is compatible with Ethereum. It leverages the secure Polkadot parachain security model and offers an improved smart contract experience compared to Ethereum, with faster transaction speeds and lower gas fees.
  • Darwinia Msgport:
    • Darwinia Msgport is a versatile cross-chain messaging architecture that facilitates seamless communication between various blockchains. It enables the exchange of information and assets across different networks, promoting interoperability and collaboration within the blockchain ecosystem.
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