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How to Become a Validator


More advanced users are encouraged to run for a validator. Once you become an offical validator, you can have a substantial passive source of income. To be eligible for running for a validator, you need to run a full node and stake some tokens. In this article, we will show you how to run for a validator step by step.


To run for a validator, you need to meet these prerequisites:

  1. You have necessary hardware and software to run a full node.

    If you do not know how to run a full node, please refer to Running a Node.

  2. You have some tokens to stake;
  3. You are currently not a nominator.


Run Your Server as a Validator Node#

$ ./darwinia --name my-darwinia-node --validator --rpc-methods=Unsafe --unsafe-rpc-external --ws-external --rpc-cors all

If you are using Docker, it should be like this:

$ docker run -it -v node-data:/darwinia/data -p 9933:9933 -p 9944:9944 --base-path /darwinia/data --name my-darwinia-node --validator --rpc-methods=Unsafe --rpc-external --rpc-cors all

Get the Session Key of Your Running Node#

Run the following command on the shell where your validator node is running.

$ curl -H "Content-Type:application/json;charset=utf-8" -d \'{  "jsonrpc":"2.0",  "id":1,  "method":"author_rotateKeys",  "params": []}'

You will get a reponse similar to this.

{  "jsonrpc":"2.0", "result":"0xba99ecfb4a87357a44ee3765cf617a6d81adf8f43e522db52e348d2e9d45ccde12d53d562e14bb18523fbc3032b786f44b2b92340f4756386d4baec68bbfb882bbaccce1440c84d7f5b67c8ecb956345130d5dbd07adfeba3d9482f95d9dec6c68d085323e61590f850c38244dd2d2bc4055548d9edfd0471f47da7667c17fe8",  "id":1  }

The "result" is the session key we need. (This key is only for demonstration. Please DO NOT use it for yourself.)

Stake Some Tokens#

Log in the Darwinia Apps Portal and enter "Staking" section, and click "Staking now". Validator

Then set parameters accordingly and check for estimated Power value and KTON and click "Bond". For a detailed explanation of every item, please refer to How to Become a Nominator, but we recommend using different accounts for "stash account" and "control account" for better security and management. Validator

Set the Session Key#

After staking, you can see your "stash account" is displayed on the left. Click "Session Key". If you are nominating someone, this button will not be displayed. You need to stop nonimating first. Validator

Here the "control account" you set is displayed. Paste your session key and click "Set Session Key". Validator

Then click "Sign and Submit" to continue. Validator

Set Validator Parameters#

Click "Validate" and set the validator paramters. Screenshot of Click "Validate" Button

The paramter "reward commission percentage" defines the proportion of the node's priority distribution of income, and the range is 0-100. (Example: For a 5% reward commission, this node will first receive 5% of the node's revenue, and the remaining 95% of the node's revenue will be distributed in proportion to the amount of one's token in staking, be it the validator or a nominator; Validator's income = node reward commission + staking reward share). Screenshot of Click "Sign and Submit" Button

Now you are finished, but it will not take effect until the next era.