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Darwinia > Ethereum Transfer


If you want to monetize your gains on Darwinia network, you need to transfer them to a Ethereum wallet first. Then you can deposit them into an exchange account and trade them. In this article, we will show you how to transfer tokens from Darwinia to Ethereum.


In order to proceed with the following operation, you need to meet these prerequisites.

  • The browser extension Polkadot.js is installed and correctly configured.
  • The Ethereum wallet MetaMask is installed and correclty configured.
  • You have enough ETH nd Rings on your account to cover the transaction fee and gas fee.


Before you start, you need to have your Ethereum account(address) prepared. This address can be found on the top-right part of the window when you click the Menubar icon of MetaMask. It can be copied to the clipboard by clicking the account name.


Then you can visit Darwinia Wormhole to perform cross-chain transfer. Refer to Wormhole User Guide for details of operation.