Pangoro Testnet

Pangoro is the officially maintained test network for the Darwinia network. The latest innovative features are loaded and fully tested before being released to the production network.

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Darwinia Pangoro Testnet RPC and Chain settings | Chainlist
Find the best Darwinia Pangoro Testnet RPC to connect to your wallets and Web3 middleware providers.


Note: 50 tokens per day for each address.
To obtain the test token, go to the faucet-testnet channel on Discord and send /faucet pangoro address to get test tokens.

Network Info

  • Network Name: Pangoro2
  • ChainId: 45
  • RPC Endpoints (HTTPS and WSS protocol are support):
    • pangoro-rpc.darwinia.network

Substrate Info

  • Spec Name: Pangoro2

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