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Pangolin Testnet

Pangolin is the test network of Darwinia and Crab network. PRINGs are test tokens and have no intrinsic value.


  • Test the latest technology;
  • Compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine;
  • Compatible with Ethereum contract infrastructure Metamask, Remix, etc.;
  • Support for smart contracts in Solidity;
  • May be reset.

Developers can join the Telegram community named "Darwinia Faucet Official" to get PRINGs for testing. Please refer to the following for detailed application procedures.


  • Visit Darwinia Apps Portal and select the "Pangolin Test Network" in the network list in the upper left corner.


  • Create an account on Pangolin Test Network. For detailed tutorials on creating an account, please refer to here!
  • Click the avatar and you can copy your Pangolin address.



  • You can open the link of the darwinia_bot to check the transaction on Subscan.



  • When the transaction is successful, a certain number of test tokens will appear in your pangolin address.


  • Each telegram account can get 100 PRINGs every seven days.