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What can I do to help build the Darwinia Community?#

You can help the Darwinia Community grow in any one of these five roles:

  • Content Creator

    Help educate and spread the word about our community out in the broader public through writing informative and insightful articles, creating video content, blogs, graphic design, podcasts, or any other artistic production form.

  • Meetup Organizer

    Host online or offline Darwinia meetups, technical workshops or hackathons, or connect with local blockchain enthusiasts to help educate them about Darwinia and discover potential new users or partners through discussion and communication.

  • Translator

    Translate and share Darwinia-related content in different languages and expand Darwinia's ecological applications to non-English speaking communities.

  • Moderator

    Help keep Darwinia official social media channels (Telegram, Twitter, Medium,etc.) informative, productive, and create a pleasant, sustained, and viable environment for community members in multiple languages across various platforms.

  • Beta Tester

    Explore and troubleshoot Darwinia Ecological Applications and submit detailed bug reports according to our requirements. The Darwinia development team has also pioneered a number of products prior to the launch of the Web3.0 SDK as well such as Itering ID.

    Also, we have launched the Darwinia Ambassador Program, and two pathways have been developed for contributors: Technology and Education. Please apply for the application here.

Stay Updated with Darwinia#

Please contact us directly if you have questions or suggestions.