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Commitment Token

Darwinia's staking system introduces the Commitment Token as a distinctive feature. The initial supply of this token is zero, and it is specifically minted when a user participates in the staking system by locking their native tokens for a predetermined period. This serves as a reward for contributing native tokens to enhance the security of the Darwinia chains. Once acquired, the Commitment Token can be utilized to participate in the staking commitment token pool.

Take the Darwinia chain as an example, users have the option to lock their RING for a maximum of 36 months during the staking process. As a form of reward for their participation in staking, the system grants users KTON. It is crucial to note that users cannot unlock their RING during the committed pledge period unless they forfeit triple the amount of KTON from their accounts as a penalty. Consequently, during the RING staking process, users have the discretion to lock their RING for a specific period and receive KTON in return. Initially, the supply of KTON is zero. KTON can also be pledged to gain staking power and participate in PoS mining. Users can opt to stake by pledging their KTON. However, if a user chooses to withdraw their staked KTON, the corresponding PoS mining process will be suspended, and it will take 14 days for the unbonded KTON to become available.

Network Commitment Token

Darwinia Chain

Symbol Decimal Initial Supply
KTON 18 0

Crab Chain

Symbol Decimal Initial Supply
CKTON 18 0

Pangolin Chain(Test)

Symbol Decimal Initial Supply
PKTON 18 0