Ethereum Compatibility

While the Darwinia chains are built on the substrate Framework, which forms the foundation of Polkadot, they go a step further by integrating the Ethereum-compatible layer Frontier. This integration allows the Darwinia chains to fully embrace the latest cross-chain technologies from the Ethereum ecosystem. The compatibility with Ethereum includes:
  • Account compatibility: Instead of using the H256 substrate native account, the Darwinia chains utilize the Ethereum H160 account system.
  • Crypto Primitive compatibility: The Darwinia chains employ the same hashing and signing methods as Ethereum, ensuring seamless interoperability.
  • RPC compatibility: The majority of the RPC interfaces in the Darwinia chains are designed to be compatible with Ethereum, facilitating smooth communication between the two ecosystems.
  • Tool compatibility: Thanks to the aforementioned compatibility features, developers can leverage existing Ethereum libraries and development tools directly with the Darwinia chains. Furthermore, Ethereum dapps can be easily migrated to the Darwinia chains without requiring extensive modifications.
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