Darwinia Msgport

Darwinia Msgport is a set of smart contracts designed for facilitating the exchange of messages between different chains. It enables cross-chain interoperability by allowing other smart contracts to send and receive in-chain message calls.
By leveraging these capabilities, Msgport-based cross-chain Dapps offer a user experience that closely resembles that of traditional single-chain Dapps. Darwinia Msgport opens up possibilities for a wide range of truly multi-chain Dapps.


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Darwinia Msgport is built upon a flexible and modular architecture, allowing users to harness various cross-chain messaging layers that best suit their specific needs. Msgport provides support for sending arbitrary messages through different low-level cross-chain messaging services. These underlying cross-chain messaging services offer diverse capabilities. Some may have low fees, while others prioritize high security at the cost of slower transaction speeds. Msgport is designed to select the most suitable cross-chain messaging layer for users based on a predefined algorithm, or it can allow users to manually choose their preferred cross-chain layer.
Through in-chain message calls to Msgport, smart contracts can establish communication and interaction across heterogeneous chains. Msgport employs distinct low-level messaging protocols to facilitate the transmission of messages between different blockchain networks, including EVM chains, Polkadot-based chains, and others.
Messaging Protocols