Darwinia Msgport

The Darwinia Msgport is a collection of smart contracts that have been specifically designed to offer a standardized interface for exchanging messages between various blockchains. It eliminates the complexities of different blockchain technologies and facilitates cross-chain interoperability by enabling other smart contracts to send and receive in-chain message calls.
By leveraging these capabilities, cross-chain Dapps built on the Msgport can provide users with an experience that closely resembles that of traditional single-chain Dapps. The Darwinia Msgport opens up a multitude of possibilities for the development of truly multi-chain Dapps.


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The Darwinia Msgport is built on a flexible and modular architecture, providing users with the ability to utilize various cross-chain messaging layers that best align with their specific requirements. The Msgport framework offers support for sending arbitrary messages through different low-level cross-chain messaging services. Currently, two protocols are supported: LCMP (Light Client Messaging Protocol) and ORMP (Oracle Relayer Messaging Protocol). These protocols provide different capabilities and characteristics, allowing multi-chain application developers to choose the most suitable cross-chain messaging layer for their users. By utilizing in-chain message calls to Msgport contracts, smart contracts can establish communication and interaction across heterogeneous chains. This enables seamless interoperability between different Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain networks.
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