Darwinia 2

Darwinia 2.0 has arrived 🧬

Darwinia 2.0 has launched on 2023-04-24.
Darwinia Chain, Darwinia Parachain, and Darwinia Smart Chain has been merged into Darwinia 2.0.
Now, there is only one mainnet blockchain.
  • Mainnet: Darwinia 2.0
  • Canary network: Crab 2.0
  • Testnet: Pangoro 2.0, Pangolin 2.0

About Darwinia 2.0

Darwinia 2.0 will be EVM-compatible, enabling you to leverage infrastructure from the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Darwinia 2.0 will use the same address format as Ethereum and the ECDSA cryptographic algorithm, which is also used by Ethereum. This means that addresses in Darwinia 2.0 will be fully compatible with Ethereum addresses.
  • The native token RING will have the same precision as ETH on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Developers can use the familiar Ethereum infrastructure to develop applications on Darwinia 2.0.
Darwinia 2.0 will provide a stronger foundation for future development, resulting in higher code quality, faster iteration cycles, shorter cross-chain routing paths, and an improved user experience.

Launch History

  1. The Pangolin Testnet 2.0 was launched on January 18, 2023
  1. The Pangoro Testnet 2.0 was launched on March 1, 2023.
  1. Crab 2.0 was launched on approximately March 8, 2023, at 03:24 (UTC):
    1. Crab 1 solo-chain stopped at: https://crab1.subscan.io/block/14741053
  1. Darwinia 2.0 has launched on 2023-04-24
    1. Darwinia 1 solo-chain stopped at: https://darwinia1.stg.subscan.io/block/13425613

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