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Darwinia Chains

Darwinia offers a number of different chains for development of messaging infrastructure and Dapp deployment, each with its own features and benefits.

Darwinia Chain

Darwinia Chain (DC) is designed to be the primary chain for tokens and governance, main communication hub and routing point of LCMP, and will support most on-chain light clients for other public chains.

DC is a public chain that can operate independently with its own consensus and security model, with its core business and application services, including cross-chain functionality of each application chain, controlled by DC itself.


Pangoro is the test network of DC. The test tokens have no intrinsic value. You can get test tokens for Pangoro from Pangoro faucet.

Darwinia Parachain

Darwinia Parachain (DP) is designed to be protected by the shared security of the Polkadot Relay Chain. It will integrate Polkadot’s XCMP, open channels with other parachains, and connect to DC via LCMP.

DP does not have its own economy.

Pangoro Parachain

Pangoro Parachain is the test network of DP.

Darwinia Smart Chain

Darwinia Smart Chain (DSC) is an EVM-compatible smart contract platform hosted on DC, and is designed to provide greater programmability for Dapps and cross-chain users.

DSC does not have its own economy.

Pangolin Smart Chain

Pangolin Smart Chain is the EVM-compatible smart contract platform hosted on Pangoro.