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The following sections contain Extrinsics methods which are part of the default Darwinia runtime. On the api, these are exposed via api.tx.<module>.<method>.

(NOTE: These were generated from a static/snapshot view of a recent Darwinia master node. Some items may not be available in older nodes, or in any customized implementations.)

  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabGrandpa.initialize
  • summary: Bootstrap the bridge pallet with an initial header and authority set from which to sync.

    The initial configuration provided does not need to be the genesis header of the bridged chain, it can be any arbitrary header. You can also provide the next scheduled set change if it is already know.

  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabGrandpa.setOperational
  • summary: Halt or resume all pallet operations, May only be called either by root, or by PalletOwner.
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabGrandpa.setOwner
  • summary: Change PalletOwner.
submitFinalityProof(finalityTarget:SpRuntimeHeader,justification: BpHeaderChainJustificationGrandpaJustification )
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabGrandpa.submitFinalityProof
  • summary: Verify a target header is finalized according to the given finality proof.

    It will use the underlying storage pallet to fetch information about the current authorities and best finalized header in order to verify that the header is finalized.

increaseMessageFee(laneId:U8aFixed,nonce: u64, additionalFee:u128)
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabMessages.increaseMessageFee
  • summary: Pay additional fee for the message.
receiveMessagesDeliveryProof(proof:BridgeRuntimeCommonMessagesSourceFromBridgedChainMessagesDeliveryProof,relayersState: BpMessagesUnrewardedRelayersState)
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabMessages.receiveMessagesDeliveryProof
  • summary: Receive messages delivery proof from bridged chain.
receiveMessagesProof(relayerIdAtBridgedChain:AccountId32,proof: BridgeRuntimeCommonMessagesTargetFromBridgedChainMessagesProof, messagesCount:u32, dispatchWeight:u64)
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabMessages.receiveMessagesProof
  • summary: Receive messages proof from bridged chain.

    the weight of the call assumes that the transaction always brings outbound lane state update. Because of that, the submitter (relayer) has no benefit of not including this data in the transaction, so reward confirmations lags should be minimal.

sendMessage(laneId:U8aFixed,payload: BpMessageDispatchMessagePayload, messagesCount:u32, deliveryAndDispatchFee:u128)
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabMessages.sendMessage
  • summary: Send message over lane.
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabMessages.setOperatingMode
  • summary: Halt or resume all/some pallet operations.
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabMessages.setOwner
  • summary: Change PalletOwner, May only be called either by root, or by PalletOwner.
  • interface: api.tx.bridgeCrabMessages.updatePalletParameter
  • summary: Update pallet parameter, May only be called either by root, or by PalletOwner.
enrollAndLockCollateral(lockCollateral:u128, relayFee:u128)
  • interface: api.tx.feeMarket.enrollAndLockCollateral
  • summary:Any accounts can enroll to be a relayer by lock collateral. The relay fee is optional.

  • interface: api.tx.feeMarket.cancelEnrollment
  • summary: Cancel enrolled relayer.
  • interface: api.tx.feeMarket.setAssignedRelayersNumber
  • summary: Set the account of assigned relayers(Only for sudo).
  • interface: api.tx.feeMarket.setSlashProtect
  • summary Set the maximum allowed slash value for the assigned relayer(Only for sudo).
  • interface: api.tx.feeMarket.updateLockedCollateral
  • summary:Update locked collateral for enrolled relayer, only supporting lock more.
  • interface: api.tx.feeMarket.updateRelayFee
  • summary:Update relay fee for enrolled relayer.
  • interface: api.tx.ktonTreasury.approveProposal
  • summary:Approve a proposal. At a later time, the proposal will be allocated to the beneficiary and the original deposit will be returned.
proposeSpend(value:u128, beneficiary:MultiAddress)
  • interface: api.tx.ktonTreasury.proposeSpend
  • summary:Put forward a suggestion for spending. A deposit proportional to the value is reserved and slashed if the proposal is rejected. It is returned once the proposal is awarded.
  • interface: api.tx.ktonTreasury.rejectProposal
  • summary:Reject a proposed spend. The original deposit will be slashed.
cleanDefunctVoters(numVoters:u32, numDefunct:u32)
  • interface: api.tx.phragmenElection.cleanDefunctVoters
  • summary:Clean all voters who are defunct. deposit of the removed voters are returned.
removeMember(who:MultiAddress, hasReplacement:boolean)
  • interface: api.tx.phragmenElection.removeMember
  • summary:Remove a particular member from the set. This is effective immediately and the bond of the outgoing member is slashed.
  • interface: api.tx.phragmenElection.removeVoter
  • summary:Remove origin as a voter.
  • interface: api.tx.phragmenElection.renounceCandidacy
  • summary:Renounce one's intention to be a candidate for the next election round.
  • interface: api.tx.phragmenElection.submitCandidacy
  • summary:Submit oneself for candidacy. A fixed amount of deposit is recorded.
  • interface:
  • summary:Vote for a set of candidates for the upcoming round of election. This can be called to set the initial votes, or update already existing votes.
forceTransfer(source:MultiAddress,dest:MultiAddress, value:u128 )
  • interface: api.tx.kton.forceTransfer
  • summary:Exactly as transfer, except the origin must be root and the source account may be specified.
forceUnreserve(who:MultiAddress, amount:u128 )
  • interface: api.tx.kton.forceUnreserve
  • summary:Unreserve some balance from a user by force.
setBalance(who:MultiAddress, newFree:u128, newReserved:u128 )
  • interface: api.tx.kton.setBalance
  • summary:Set the balances of a given account.
transfer(dest:MultiAddress, value:u128 )
  • interface: api.tx.kton.transfer
  • summary:Transfer some liquid free balance to another account.
transferAll(dest:MultiAddress, keepAlive:boolean )
  • interface: api.tx.kton.transferAll
  • summary:Transfer the entire transferable balance from the caller account.
transferKeepAlive(dest:MultiAddress, value:u128 )
  • interface: api.tx.kton.transferKeepAlive
  • summary:Same as the [transfer] call, but with a check that the transfer will not kill the origin account.