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The following sections contain the module constants, also known as parameter types. These can only be changed as part of a runtime upgrade. On the api, these are exposed via api.consts.<module>.<method>.

(NOTE: These were generated from a static/snapshot view of a recent Darwinia master node. Some items may not be available in older nodes, or in any customized implementations.)

headersToKeep: u32
  • interface: api.consts.bridgeCrabGrandpa.headersToKeep
  • summary: Maximal number of finalized headers to keep in the storage.

    The setting is there to prevent growing the on-chain state indefinitely. Notethe setting does not relate to block numbers - we will simply keep as much items in the storage, so it doesn't guarantee any fixed timeframe for finality headers.

maxRequests: u32
  • interface: api.consts.bridgeCrabGrandpa.maxRequests

  • summary: The upper bound on the number of requests allowed by the pallet.

    Once this bound is reached the pallet will not allow any dispatchables to be called until the request count has decreased.

bridgedChainId: u8aFixed
  • interface: api.consts.bridgeCrabMessages.bridgedChainId
  • summary: Gets the chain id value from the instance.
guardRelayersRewardRatio: Permill
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.guardRelayersRewardRatio
  • summary: Percentage of reward for assigned relayers on duty after a message is successfully delivered.
assignedRelayerSlashRatio: Permill
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.assignedRelayerSlashRatio
  • summary: Assigned relayers collateral slash percentage after message delivery failure.
messageRelayersRewardRatio: Permill
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.messageRelayersRewardRatio

  • summary: The percentage of relayer that gets rewarded for delivering the message.

confirmRelayersRewardRatio: Permill
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.confirmRelayersRewardRatio

  • summary: The percentage of relayer that gets rewarded for confirming the message.

collateralPerOrder: u128
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.collateralPerOrder
  • summary: The collateral relayer need to lock for each order.
minimumRelayFee: u128
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.minimumRelayFee
  • summary: Minimum relay fee requirement for bridgers when they enroll the fee market.
slot: u32
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.slot
  • summary: The slot times set.
treasuryPalletId: FrameSupportPalletId
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.treasuryPalletId
  • summary: The treasury id.
lockId: U8aFixed
  • interface: api.consts.feeMarket.lockId

  • summary: The lock id for relayer's collateral.

burn: Permill
  • interface: api.consts.ktonTreasury.burn

  • summary: Percentage of spare funds (if any) that are burnt per spend period.

maxApprovals: u32
  • interface: api.consts.ktonTreasury.maxApprovals

  • summary: The maximum number of approvals that can wait in the spending queue.

palletId: FrameSupportPalletId
  • interface: api.consts.ktonTreasury.palletId

  • summary: The treasury's pallet id, used for deriving its sovereign account ID.

proposalBond: Permill
  • interface: api.consts.ktonTreasury.proposalBond

  • summary: Fraction of a proposal's value that should be bonded in order to place the proposal. An accepted proposal gets these back. A rejected proposal does not.

proposalBondMinimum: u128
  • interface: api.consts.ktonTreasury.proposalBondMinimum

  • summary: Minimum amount of funds that should be placed in a deposit for making a proposal.

spendPeriod: u32
  • interface: api.consts.ktonTreasury.spendPeriod

  • summary: Period between successive spends.

candidacyBond: u128
  • interface: api.consts.phragmenElection.candidacyBond

  • summary: How much should be locked up in order to submit one's candidacy.

desiredMembers: u32
  • interface: api.consts.phragmenElection.desiredMembers

  • summary: Number of members to elect.

desiredRunnersUp: u32
  • interface: api.consts.phragmenElection.desiredRunnersUp

  • summary: Number of runners_up to keep.

votingBondBase: u128
  • interface: api.consts.phragmenElection.votingBondBase

  • summary: Base deposit associated with voting.

    This should be sensibly high to economically ensure the pallet cannot be attacked by creating a gigantic number of votes.

votingBondFactor: u128
  • interface: api.consts.phragmenElection.votingBondFactor

  • summary: The amount of bond that need to be locked for each vote (32 bytes).

palletId: FrameSupportPalletId
  • interface: api.consts.tronBacking.palletId

  • summary: The pallet id of this pallet.