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Crab Network is a canary network with real economic value for Darwinia, and its positioning is similar to Polkadot's Kusama Network. To expect chaos is a reasonable assumption!

Crab is now a parachain of Kusama.

Network Info

EVM Info

Other tokens

Token SymbolSpecDecimalsSmart Contract Address

Deprecated tokens

Token SymbolSpecDecimalsSmart Contract AddressWhy
WCKTON(Classic)ERC20180x159933C635570D5042723359fbD1619dFe83D3f3migrated to CKTON
xRING(Classic)ERC2090x7399Ea6C9d35124d893B8d9808930e9d3F211501migrated to xWRING


Block, Epoch and Era Time

Block6 seconds1
Epoch1 hour600
Era6 hours3,600

Staking, Validating, and Nominating

Validator Slots7Initial slots for active validators, gradually increasing.
Term duration6 hours3,600The time for which a validator is in the set after being elected. Note, this duration can be shortened in the case that a validator misbehaves.
Nomination period6 hours3,600Every 6 hours, a new validator set is elected according to Phragmen's method.
Bonding duration14 days201,600How long until your funds will be transferrable after unbonding.
Slash defer duration14 days201,600Prevents overslashing and validators "escaping" and getting their nominators slashed with no repercussions to themselves
Slash Cancellation VoteRequires 3/4 of Council to Approve


Voting period7 days100,800How long the public can vote on a referendum.
Launch period7 days100,800How long the public can select which proposal to hold a referendum on. i.e., Every week, the highest-weighted proposal will be selected to have a referendum
Enactment period8 days115,200Time it takes for a successful referendum to be implemented on the network.
Term duration1 day3,600The length of a council member's term until the next election round.
Voting period1 day3,600The council's voting period for motions.
Technical committeeTimeSlotsDescription
Cool-off period7 days100,800The time a veto from the technical committee lasts before the proposal can be submitted again.
Emergency voting period3 hours1,800The voting period after the technical committee expedites voting.


Budgeting Period**6 daysWhen the treasury can spend again after spending previously.
Proposal Bond5% and minumum 1000 CRABThe amount required to bond in order to propose a treasury spend. If approved, it is returned, if the proposal fails, it is burnt.
Burn unspent treasury fundsOffThis deactivates a burn of all unspent treasury funds at the end of a budgeting period.

SS58 Address Format

Chain specification name: Crab

SS58 prefix: 42