Awesome Tutorial

In addition to the tutorials provided in the Ethereum Compatibility chapter, it is worth noting that most tools commonly used with Ethereum are also compatible with Darwinia networks. This means that there are already numerous resources available that cover the skills typically employed by a blockchain engineer, such as writing, debugging, deploying smart contracts, and interacting with the blockchain.
Given the wide range of existing resources, it would be impractical to provide a comprehensive guide covering all of these topics. Instead, we can recommend a selection of excellent tutorials for further reading and learning. It's important to note that all of these resources are applicable to Darwinia chains.

Understanding Smart Contracts

  • Ethereum's introduction to smart contracts
    • Provides a good starting point for beginners. It also recommends reading up on accounts, transactions, and the Ethereum virtual machine before diving into smart contracts.

Ethereum ABI (Application Binary Interface) tools

  • Online ABI encoder
    • Free ABI encoder online service that allows you to encode your Solidity contract’s functions and constructor arguments.
  • Online Solidity ABI Encoder
    • Online Solidity ABI Encoder to encode smart contract arguments, and also perform read and write operations on the blockchain.
  • ABI decoder
    • Library for decoding data params and events from Ethereum transactions

Security Considerations